Széchényi castle

Fertőszéplak, just like Rome, was built on seven hills. Széchényi Castle is located opposite All Saints Church on Church Hill. In Roman Times a watch tower used to stand here. The representational residence – or the manorial centre – of the actual lord of the region was built in its place. During the Széchényi era the castle had its golden age, the founder of the National Museum and Library, Ferenc Széchényi, was born here. He was the father of István Széchenyi, whom everybody calls “the Greatest Hungarian”. The castle later became the property of the Esterházy family and its function was also changed, it was converted into a granary. After WWII it became an agricultural cooperative centre.


Attracted by three landscapes. A steppe lake, mountains and a plain meet here. Celts, Avars, Germans, Hungarians, Croatians, Austrians. Aristocratic palaces, burgher houses, antique towns, farmer houses. Eszterházy, Széchenyi, Osl, Nádasdy families, Liszt Ferenc, Joseph Haydn. The Fertő- Hanság region is all these concentrated in one landscape throughout centuries. The Fertő Region hides its secrets from uninitiated visitors and shows them only to the prepared ones. The place for preparation, for initiation, is the Peisonia Visitor Centre where visitors can understand the unique yet universal values of the region. Here they can understand and get to know these values. Those who already know the legend of the Girl Valley and the birth of Lake Fertő, who know where the Sun God Sanctuary or the Holly Stone in Hegykő are, who are willing to spend time and attention on the small miracles of life, they will understand the deep spiritual meaning of the landscape, the reeds, the vineyards, the castles, the small villages churches, the stone crosses and pietas. The visitor centre offers this essence with the help of its exhibition encouraging dialogue. Here you can feel the essence of the landscape, the harmony of nature and people. Here it becomes clear that creative Fertő region people and God given nature unite in a symphony. This is the message of the exhibition. The Visitor Centre is implemented thanks to the “Gems of the Fertő Region” project.

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Peisonia Visitor Centre

Széchényi kastély, 9436 Fertőszéplak, Ady Endre utca 1.

Peisonia Látogatóközpont